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Strangers in Gilead

Posted on 2007.09.28 at 18:54


(Anonymous) at 2007-09-30 12:09 (UTC) (Link)
I enjoy the time taken to settle the scene. Panoramic shot or 19th century descriptiveness, though the latter would have been longer, I think. I like how the characters are gradually introduced, one overlapping with the other, and how the story just seamlessly flows.
And I'm reading along. Delighted.
The supernatural cleverly surrounds the story without really coming into play, the action centering on the characters. Which is just as well.
At one point, it strikes me that the structure follows the classical theatrical structure of the three unities - unity of place, unity of time, unity of action. True that the end breaks the pattern, but if I take it as a first epilogue, the unities are there. The story is set in only one place (and told by one character). It unfolds within 24 hours. The action revolves around one main plot line (and one hero) - Sam who's come for Dean.
Well, anyways. Kudos.
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2007-10-01 01:59 (UTC) (Link)
Would you have liked more 19th Century descriptiveness? I can add more! (My editors were ruthless. Without ruth. I am verbose.)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and particularly interested at your take on the structure: one of the issues we dealt with was the jump from the action story to the intimate (so to speak), which was not particularly well transitioned. And there were two epilogues, really.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, also!
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