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Strangers in Gilead

Posted on 2007.09.28 at 18:54
A period piece. Not typical with regards to structure, development, and vocabulary, so may not be everyone’s cup of whiskey, to be sure. I will claim it is ’avant guarde.’ Oh, and there is sex in it, but nothing that will make anyone *is ded*. And swearing.


And a long piece, upwards of forty thousand words. No, really. It was recommended to me that given the sheer volume of verbiage, I should mount the Story, the Epilogue and Afterward as PDF files. For those that love the feel of the printed page over the glowing screen, this should make for a more enjoyable and printable reading experience. In any event it should make for less clicking.

Many, many thanks to Simpatico, Mamajamallama, Anthrophile and Arcfire for many, many hours of discussion regarding the nature of writing fiction (pro, fan, porn, fiction, non), grammar, punctuation, concepts, cruel truths, Supernatural, and stuff. More said in the Afterward.

Strangers in Gilead

Strangers in Gilead - Epilogue

Strangers in Gilead - Afterward

An addition: For those not enamored of PDF, here is an HTML version:

Strangers in Gilead - HTML


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(Deleted comment)
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2009-08-13 19:54 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so thrilled you found my story! I'm so glad you liked it - I'm glad you liked Miss Rose (I wasn't sure I had any business writing a heterosexual woman, as I'm neither) and particularly relieved you found the characterization of Sam and Dean to be satisfactory. If nothing else, the author has to get the boys right, right?

I must say, I don't write much (I kind of hated Season three and four) and so I never got on the radar for most of the reading crowd. So when someone stumbles across it and is kind enough to leave a comment, it's very special. Thanks very much for your kind words.
montana_rosalie at 2010-05-02 07:15 (UTC) (Link)
I loved this to bits. :D
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2010-05-02 20:19 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so thrilled you did! And surprised, it's very much a product of Season Two, quite dated now, isn't it. Still, I'm happy it mysteriously found one more reader.
marlowe78 at 2010-07-20 15:57 (UTC) (Link)
That was SO awesome, I can't even say how much. It was written with so much detail and so much poetic (in a good way, not the schmoopy kind) language, the characters read true and real and I loved Marie-Rose and her girls. Dean and Sam were so alive and well-described and it was fun to marvel as to how they got there, how Dean and Sam were seperated and what was going on. though i think I still don't get all of the going-ons, but whatever...
I loved the bit with Rose spying on Sam and Dean in the bath - and the comparison: Dean a wild mustang and Sam a thoroughbred. It... fits, in every way. Well-chosen, that simile.
I had giggles, reading about Dean's and the girl's sounds of pleasure and I love all those teasing-lines you got so right.
Reading this, I thoroughly miss that Sam, this one who got lost along the way of the show - probably forever.
This story is such a gem of awesome writing and well-paced plot and interesting characters, I will from now on recommend it wherever there is a request for gen fics. It deserves all the attention it will get!
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2010-07-23 01:58 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so pleased you liked it! And surprised you even found it. You touched on the elements I count as important - the language, the local characters and most importantly of course the characters of Sam and Dean.

I'm glad you didn't find the language daunting. There's such a thing as too accurate. The goings-on were indeed murky, but I figured that's how it looks to the people that encounter the Winchesters. And I'm relieved you found Miss Rose and the girls (and the activities) believable. I was worried about doing justice to the viewpoint of a heterosexual woman (I am neither).

I share your dismay with the way Sam's character was written as the seasons plodded along. I never stopped watching, but I didn't like the direction the show went and I found it impossible to keep up with the writing. Such a fun exercise and such a pity.

Let's cross our fingers for Season Six being a return to Season One.


corbyinoz at 2010-10-21 21:32 (UTC) (Link)
This is simply a marvellous story. I found it before I was on LJ, printed it out and subsequently lost it for several years. Just went looking for it to recommend it, and was delighted to read your author's notes and the epilogue.

I love the care and thought you've lavished on this. The attention not only to material detail but to details in language, attitudes and personalities that meant my allergic reaction to anachronisms was never tickled into being. So many people who try to write historical fiction look to dress and transport and forget the other things, so thank you for your effort.

The story was a delight. Had enough action and banter and sex to satisfy me completely! Loved the use of the outside POV to reveal the boys - funny and moving.

Thank you for an entertaining, absorbing, wonderful read.
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2010-10-22 03:09 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so pleased you found it again! It is very much a product of Season Two, isn't it? Not too long after I wrote it the show rather shifted, went a different direction, and I while I still watch it, I was never able to write to it again. (The Apocalypse never did much for me. To say nothing of Season Three, about which the less said the better.)

But I'm thrilled it still works, particularly if it satisfies the historically-minded. Of course the main thing is getting the characters right, and I'm surprised and so pleased to hear you'd be able to recommend it even after all the character shifts the boys have been through in the last season or so.

A Corby, is it? Did my raven ('corvus') call to you to find my story again?

pingback_bot at 2010-12-09 15:39 (UTC) (Link)

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maypoles at 2011-05-13 17:59 (UTC) (Link)
Hey. Just letting you know that this has been recced here at hoodie_time in a rec post dedicated to original characters and/or outsider POVs. ;)
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2011-05-14 19:45 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks so much! That item is such a product of Season Two, I'm glad you think it holds up after all this time. I hope your readers enjoy it still.


rince1wind at 2011-05-21 06:06 (UTC) (Link)
This was fantastic. Incredibly convincing and consistent voice, characterization, plot. I love time travel stories (done well) and, having been a little kid in Tucson (where we got a day off school for Rodeo Day), I just loved this story. Thanks so much!
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2011-05-23 18:34 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it, even though it's very much a Season Two story. I'm not sure it holds up in the light of the shifts the show itself took. I'm also glad the Western aspects stood the scrutiny of a native westerner. Details, you know.


amberdreams at 2011-05-24 12:54 (UTC) (Link)
Absolutely loved this! Great use of language, keeping it firmly in Marie-Rose's head (and time) the whole way through. I loved that you never wavered into another POV, even when the boys rode off to deal with the demon/warlock. You created an entirely believable world, and all the original characters breathed for me. I also loved the humour, and the way you described the Winchesters through Mistress Rose was superb (and inordinately sexy!!).
I've read the Epliogue but not the Afterword so shall go do that now - the Epilogue was not necessary but very welcome, and made for a perfect rounding off of the story.
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2011-05-25 05:17 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so glad you liked this, even after all this time. I keep hoping I could write more, but the show took off in a direction I wish it hadn't, and I haven't been able to find a 'hook' into it since, storywise. And no other show has ever inspired me to put pen to paper. I still feel the connection, despite my feelings about, well, mostly everything after Season Three. Ahem.

So I still have to catch up on most of this season (and I haven't had the guts to watch the show's trip to the Old West), but who knows, maybe the next season will be a return to the Good Old Days of our two conflicted noble idjits, saving people, hunting things!
amberdreams at 2011-05-24 13:01 (UTC) (Link)
Oh gawd I nearly forgot to say - I literally laughed out loud at the Alias Smith and Jones quotes (my all time fave western TV programme) and gave a little cheer when Dean rode off into the sunrise singing the Firefly theme!

Oh and reading a few of the above comments - this is in no way dated, yes it is firmly in Season 2 but that works very well. It is a huge shame you never wanted to write more - I'd happily read as much Season 1/2 fics as you wanted to write!!
firesign10 at 2012-12-04 20:23 (UTC) (Link)
I just read Strangers if Gilead and absolutely loved it!! The characterizations were fabulous, the language was heavenly, and the boys were in fine form. Marvelous!!
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2012-12-05 20:13 (UTC) (Link)
I'm thrilled you liked it. Particularly as it's so very, very Season Two, and the show has gone in a different direction. Getting the characters right is the most important thing, of course. Thanks, and thanks for taking the time to comment.
hunenka at 2014-06-30 07:59 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, that was GOOD! I actually love outsider POVs, and I love westerns, and I love competent, badass Winchesters, so this fic was a real treat to me. Thank you!
Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2014-06-30 23:44 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so glad you found it, particularly after all this time. The show moved in a very different direction, so I doubt current viewers would relate to it much anymore. As long as the characterization of Our Heroes came off right, though.

Is that a Haida eagle? I wearing a Kwakiutl raven pendant at this very moment.


hyacinthflower at 2014-07-23 12:08 (UTC) (Link)
I only discovered this story yesterday and I really wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.
It's one of those rare pieces that left me with a sappy smiling afterglow.
I see from the date that it's an earlier fic. I just wondered if you had written any more SPN stuff perhaps under a new pen-name.

Either way this story was excellent and I will be reading it over and over. Thank you! :)

Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2014-07-25 16:14 (UTC) (Link)

Hello there!

I am so pleased you found this after all these years (and Impala miles). I hope it still makes sense in the current era. Sadly the show went in a different direction and it was difficult for me to follow along (don't care about angels, hated Ruby, muddled mythology etc etc) so though I still tape every episode and read the recaps, I haven't been able to watch it since like season 5. It's like a bad break up and I can't let go. I haven't written anything since, sorry to say. I keep hoping the magic will come back, and perhaps I should just grit my teeth and catch up, but along came Penny Dreadful!

Anyway. I'm glad you liked it, even as a call back to an earlier day when it was about the two guys trying to do right by their lost parents and each other.

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