Corvus Imbrifer (corvus_imbrifer) wrote,
Corvus Imbrifer

Archive: Poem from 'Television Without Pity' Haiku Forum

Why did I look in the rear-view mirror?
I could have just kept going.
Why did he have to see me flinch?
We would have been fine without knowing.

Why did I push him to leave with Rochelle?
I wanted her friend, Heather.
Who said as Rochelle led Sam back to her place
'Those two really look good together.'

Why did I pick him up late, after dark?
We'd both spent the day in bed.
He was hiding his smile as he got in the car.
A long drive, with teasing ahead.

Why did I stop at the corner to turn?
Why did I have to look back?
To see the smoke drifting up from the house,
Rochelle's window bright red and black.

Of course he saw my eyes go wide.
I covered up too late.
The car doors stood open, he ran down the street.
I tackled him just at the gate.

He tore up hunks of grass and screamed,
We lay on the lawn in a heap.
Too late, of course, to save her life.
Nothing to do but weep.

No fang, no claw, no wound, no bruise
I've suffered from a fight
Hurt as much as the sound he made,
The cry he cried that night.

How could our roles get so reversed?
I drive and beg him to speak.
He's curled up tight, silent and grim
His bright eyes cold and bleak.

Another 'X' marked on the map.
Evil's safe, they'll learn.
Lawrence, Stanford, now Flagstaff:
We can't and won't return.

I know it was The Demon.
At least, that's in my head.
My heart says getting Sammy laid
Brought death and pain instead.

When I looked in the rear-view mirror,
I became a pillar of salt.
Come back, Sammy, tell me please
This wasn't all my fault.
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