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The Ghost of Christmas Not to Be

Posted on 2006.12.02 at 11:44


qzxy at 2006-12-07 01:25 (UTC) (Link)
Great job, karasu! Great idea for a story, loved the Ghosts of Christmas motif and all those little moments of brotherly zen you are so brilliant at concocting (that last paragraph being the epitome). The only thing I didn't buy was Dean being smarter than Sam. Dean's no slouch, and I definitely think he plays dumb a lot, but to me Sam does have more of your conventional academic intelligence, and while I can see Sam savoring that bit of superiority, I don't think he has any insecurities about it or had to work that hard to get there. Just my take on it though, YMMV. ;) But Dean's reaction to Sam's speech was great.

Can't wait to read your next story! :D I'm jealous of whoever is your beta, I'd love that honor.

- simpatico from TWOP
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