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The Ghost of Christmas Not to Be

Posted on 2006.12.02 at 11:44


Corvus Imbrifer
corvus_imbrifer at 2008-02-03 01:23 (UTC) (Link)
I am a hyooooge consistency and plotting nut. And this show, (and Edlund) are just horrible with that sort of thing.

So Sam runs around town while Dean chokes, checking each of the witches houses till he finds the right one, then doesn't use 'Christo,' but indulges in a lengthy staring match, and loses, and Dean shows up having taken a taxi to each of the three witches houses till he finds the right one... Argh!

The cosmology is a mess, but had an idea which I posted on the Bad Fans board: In Kripke's mind, he's not breaking the rules because he hasn't told us what the all rules are yet. The slow unfolding of the story is the revealing of the rules, and that's supposed to be interesting.

So he's not being dumb, at worst he's being careless. So if he's got it in his head that both God and Lucifer are myths, in the heads of humans and post-human demons (ghosts) being waystopped on the way up or down, and there is no up, then he's still in safe territory. Sam's soul wasn't yanked out of Heaven by The Deal, which would have been way too powerful for Hell to be able to do, it was just put back in his body from where ever. Reapers don't take you anywhere, they just give you a push towards where ever you decide you belong. It actually works, though if that's the big surprise of Kripke's story, welcome to 'Lost'

The morality play, meanwhile, is unsalvagable. They've been blowing away possessed people for some time now, with varying degrees of regret, or even afterthought. The sticking point actually highlights the moral dodging (if not outright cowardice) in prior episodes where bad humans managed to kill themselves and spare the boys (Sam in particular) the trouble and ethical dilemma. So it's too late now to try to make emotionally tense hay out of that concept.

Re mysogny: My objection is not that it is presented, it's that it is a serious alteration to the established character. Dean has always been a horndog, but a respectful one. The library assistant in 'Home'? ("Oh, God, yes...") He looked her right in the eyes, not in the (taut) sweater, and she was rightly charmed.
SAM: So, what are we today, Dean? Are we rawk stores? Are we army rangers?
DEAN: Reality TV producers.
(I love Padalecki's accent slips) Wingman Sam doesn't take Dean seriously, and wouldn't participate if he thought the girls took any of it seriously.

But come Season Three, we have 'Gumby,' The Doublemint Twins and other really crass and demeaning language. (There are some people who still cling to the fantasy that there were two girls in that room with Dean. No, Virginia, he was talking about her tits.) That's not fear of the Deal talking, that's just plain vulgarizing a character. He didn't objectify women, I didn't think, he deified them. (And had lots of sex with them. He was remarkably sex-positive, I thought.) He was raised in a female-free environment, with nothing but Holy Mary as an icon. This was a sticking point for me with 'Heart.' He never cared if Sam got laid. He cared that Sam was disconnected from people. He cared that Sam's distance from humanity (and sexuality) was a symptom. Sex wasn't going cure it, at best it was a sign of healing. Nothing to fist pump about (particularly in front of Madison's face. Good thing he had concluded she was a slut and wouldn't be offended.)

One of the most beautiful scenes in Season One was that exchange in the motel when Sam needs to call Sarah for the sake of the hunt, and Dean respectfully and somewhat awkwardly tells Sam how he feels. It was straightforward, and respectful and had nothing to do with Sam boning her. It had to do with Sam's healing, something that it was clear Dean was praying to see happen. Not that some PiP would fuck him out of gratitude. Bleh.

Now listening to Kripke, it is clear that he always thought of Dean as a louche reprobate. It was only the guiding hand of his writing team (and La Ackles) that maneuvered Dean's character into a better place. So my issue is really with the reversal of direction, not of the inclusion per se.

Oh, there's a part two. Off to check that.
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