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The Ghost of Christmas Not to Be

Posted on 2006.12.02 at 11:44


(Anonymous) at 2007-09-15 22:40 (UTC) (Link)

A Winchester gift for the good fanboys and fangirls

I don’t read fan fiction, but if I had to read one work, I suppose this had to be it. I trusted you with writing, characterization and objectivity.

It’s always better when the supernatural story contributes to reveal something about the Winchesters or to bring a more personal interaction. Which this story does quite nicely. And dude (sorry, couldn’t help it), before Playthings (drunken Sam gets loquacious) and the Supernatural graphic novels (teen Dean wanting to run away – so I’ve heard. The novels are on their way, so I’ll get to that later)? You do know your boys well.

I also realized how easier it must be to write for Dean than for Sam. I felt how complex a character Dean is, whereas Sam is left with his saintly aura (though part of it is Dean’s view), when we should have more insight on him (that’s why I had the impression of a penchant for Sam at times). Ironic, when one thinks Sam was set out as the hero. I believe season 3 will flesh him out more. Which is good. But being so partial to Dean, I can’t help worrying about that character.

It starts out with a ghost, which calls for the EMF, which brings out… After the EMF bit, I was saying to myself somebody has to tell Sam that he’s not very brotherly here, when he thinks he’s actually in brotherly mocking fashion. And then comes the ghost’s revelation. You evil man! I just blurted out. With glee.

"Sam didn’t like seeing Dean feeling awkward in a situation where he didn’t feel he could fit in.” I do appreciate the nuance here.

Oh. Mention of Jet Li? Dean wanting to do stunt work for Jet Li? Man, you get handfuls of cookies for that. (Okay, how about a dreamy dream with “God’s sunshine”?)

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