After the Fire

A few weeks back, Samantha Ferris asked on her website for some suggestions on what Ellen has been doing with herself since last we saw her slamming shut the gates of Hell with Bobby Singer. Due to one thing and another, it took me a while to formulate my response, and naturally I couldn't just do a few sentences, and so I'm coming late to the party. Not a true story in the proper sense, more of a seven page plot bunny. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Ellen has a few things to say that I wanted to hear. Not at all difficult to hear those things, as Ms Ferris made it very easy to hear Ellen's voice. Making maximum use of a limited amount of screen time, using a few deft strokes, she was able to create a vivid, memorable and well-defined character. A high water mark in the series for me.

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Strangers in Gilead

A period piece. Not typical with regards to structure, development, and vocabulary, so may not be everyone’s cup of whiskey, to be sure. I will claim it is ’avant guarde.’ Oh, and there is sex in it, but nothing that will make anyone *is ded*. And swearing.


And a long piece, upwards of forty thousand words. No, really. It was recommended to me that given the sheer volume of verbiage, I should mount the Story, the Epilogue and Afterward as PDF files. For those that love the feel of the printed page over the glowing screen, this should make for a more enjoyable and printable reading experience. In any event it should make for less clicking.

Many, many thanks to Simpatico, Mamajamallama, Anthrophile and Arcfire for many, many hours of discussion regarding the nature of writing fiction (pro, fan, porn, fiction, non), grammar, punctuation, concepts, cruel truths, Supernatural, and stuff. More said in the Afterward.

Strangers in Gilead

Strangers in Gilead - Epilogue

Strangers in Gilead - Afterward

An addition: For those not enamored of PDF, here is an HTML version:

Strangers in Gilead - HTML